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Sydney Digital Marketing Agency delivers 724% lead generation boost in 6 mths

FINANCIAL SERVICES DIGITAL MARKETING CASE STUDY: How a new website design & UX increased online leads generated by 724%.

In March 2022, Sydney Digital Marketing Agency Webbuzz delivered a completely new digital presence for Seniors First, one of the leading Reverse Mortgage companies in Australia.

The company has developed a reputation as an award-winning Reverse Mortgage broker for seniors and a trusted name among public policy organisations, the aged care industry, senior’s groups, older borrowers and their families.

And as part of its commitment to provide the best online service, it commissioned WebBuzz to update its online presence.

Although the previous website had been very successful at lead generation over a long period of time, it was seven years old and becoming less effective.

The project took six months, and completely reimagined the customer journey. The key objectives were to:

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Seniors First’s refreshed website design

The WebBuzz team provided a full-service digital marketing transformation plan, which includes:

Full digital strategy 

We identified which online channels are best for reaching Seniors First’s target market and the content required to stimulate the desired action or behaviour. Our strategists developed a customised plan to achieve the client’s marketing and sales objectives that are wholly reportable and measurable.

New site map & architecture (for Google search engine)

Our SEO specialists updated Seniors First’s site map for better information architecture mapping. The URL structure has been based on ‘content silos’  – an important step necessary to increase the crawlability of a business website which is often overlooked by web developers.

Fresh web design & ad creatives

The team also improved the website’s core web vitals, specifically loading time, page interactivity and visual stability. We also supplied fresh ad creatives to attract more leads.

Revised messaging strategy

Seniors First is part of the Reverse Mortgage industry, which is a bit challenging niche. So our copywriters had to rethink the messaging strategy and produced engaging content that is sufficiently persuasive to encourage the client’s target customers to convert into a ‘lead’ or prospect.

New page content mapped to target keywords

To win the battle for ‘local search’, the client’s target customers need to see the website on Google. So we developed new page content surrounding target keywords so that pages will appear high in the search results for queries that people might use to search for Reverse Mortgage and related services.

New animated video (for UX signals)

Webbuzz is a growth marketing agency, so we recognize when emerging trends and tools become truly beneficial for clients. Video is now increasingly central to many digital marketing strategies, so we conceptualised and produced new animated videos for Seniors First.

Better conversion funnels

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists reviewed the client’s existing site analytics and user data in order to establish a ‘baseline’ of website performance. From there, we made changes in the funnels, which are then tested to measure any change in conversion rate. This iteration is ongoing until the target conversion rate is achieved.

More social proof 

Seniors First is an award-winning Reverse Mortgage company but it still requires social proof to verify its brand. We worked with the client’s customers to extract testimonials and increase positive image of the client. We added reviews, social media traction, and interviews all throughout its website and social platforms.

Latest tech web forms

To further increase conversions, WebBuzz implemented the latest multi-step web forms. This improves the conversion rate of web traffic to lead, whilst also helping Seniors First get more qualified leads.

Full marketing automation

Using automation tools like Zoho CRM and Zapier, we were able to fully automate marketing processes for the client. This saves time for the owners to focus on nurturing the leads that are regularly coming in from the funnels we established.

Google Analytics Results

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Disclosure: the author of this post is a director of both companies 

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