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Digital Marketing Case Study

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Luca+ is a Fintech startup and pioneer in e-invoicing, the new Australian Government standard for business invoicing. Working with Webbuzz Luca+ saw a 527% increase in website traffic since launching and received 300 new leads in the last 3 months.


Increase in website traffic since launch


Leads generated in one year


Increase in number of keywords ranking in Google

Why you need a Sydney internet marketing agency.

Whether you’re a start-up or a growing business, the skills required for effective digital marketing are highly specialised. Even the basic launch of a new venture can include design, content creation, HTML coding, user experience (UX), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), data analytics and social media expertise.

This is well beyond the skill-set of most small businesses, so it’s no wonder many choose to outsource their digital marketing to an agency.

Professional website designers and digital marketing experts from WebBuzz can develop your idea from ‘concept’ all the way through to an established online presence that continually attracts new customers – both on desktop and mobile.


Online marketing, for the smartphone age.

FACT: 8 out of 10 Australians are now using the internet with an average of 37 minutes spent online every day. That’s a lot of potential sales just waiting to be snapped up by your business.

So it’s more important than ever to start optimising your digital assets, aligning them with current digital marketing best practice.

To match – or beat – your competitors you need modern, customer-centric marketing. Businesses increasingly realise that online marketing is no longer a “nice to have”, but has quickly become a “must have”. What they need now is a digital marketing agency in Australia that they can trust.

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What digital marketing do you need?

Australian SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is key to ranking high in the search results for commercial search terms related to your product or services.

PPC Agency sydney services

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Ads are a fast and efficient form of online marketing. You will only get charged if someone clicks on your ad.

facebook marketing agency sydney

Social Media

A good social media strategy will help you with customer engagement, targeting the right audience, and overall better management of your marketing investment.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a good strategy. Our team can help you develop a solid and measurable strategy to achieve your marketing or sales objectives.

video marketing agency

Video Marketing

Video is officially HOT. We’ve got the production studio to make you look like a star, and the promo strategy to get people talking.

conversion rate optimisation services

Website Design

Not all websites are created equal. Nice design is just one aspect. You also need original content, good user-experience (UX), fast web hosting, mobile site optimisation, lead capture, and more.

Internet Marketing Agency FAQs

  • What is internet marketing?

    Internet marketing (or ‘web marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’) is a catch-all term that refers to business promotional and advertising activities delivered via online channels such as email, websites, search engines, social media, and smartphones. 

    It can cover everything from web development, to CRM integration, to Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, lead generation, blogging, video content, email marketing and more.

    While internet marketing covers a vast array of services, it is ideal to focus on identifying the best match of online strategies for each client so that business owners can be confident of a clear ROI.

  • What do internet marketing companies do?

    Internet marketing companies proactively work with business owners to achieve their growth objectives. These commonly include online brand awareness, lead generation, SEO services, market education, growing website traffic, converting leads into sales and other peripheral work in pursuit of the client’s business growth objectives.

    Ultimately, internet marketing companies are in the business of getting you more leads, sales, and revenue – fast.

    And they can manage some, or all of these aspects on your behalf, as a contracted supplier of online marketing services. Typically you benefit from the specialist expertise required to effectively launch and manage online campaigns.

    Incidentally, recruiting and funding the in-house talent required to achieve all this, is often not a cost-effective option for small or medium sized businesses.

  • When do you need an internet marketing agency?

    Some common signs that it’s time to engage a digital agency:

    • You’re launching a new product, division or company
    • The in-house staff don’t have the specialist internet marketing skills you need
    • Your business has outgrown the old marketing agency
    • Your current agency is not performing
    • You need some fresh ideas for a new digital marketing strategy
    • Your sales targets are ‘ambitious’ and you need help from marketing experts
    • The business has considered hiring an in-house digital marketing manager to take care of online marketing campaigns online or local SEO , but can’t find the talent within the budgeted salary range.

    Work with an internet marketing agency that combines creativity, technical know-how and the latest trends in digital marketing to help their clients beat their competitors and increase market share.

  • How to choose the right internet marketing agency?

    Whether you’re just in planning a new business or you’re ready to scale an enterprise, choosing the right digital marketing agency is important.

    A digital marketing partnership is set for long-term so you really need to get this one right from the start. In choosing an agency, you first need to look at the track record. Don’t be swayed by a slick client presentation or get ‘drowned’ in tech-speak.

    Ask for case studies or testimonials from past clients, preferably from the same line of business. Consider Google reviews and assessment of customer service. And make sure that you meet their team, either face-to-face or via video chat.

    The right agency for the job is the one that is usually curious about the vision of your business. So set aside some time to chat and always ask questions.

    If the agency has no genuine interest in your business, or they cannot present a clear game plan, it’s usually a ‘red flag’ that you’re not dealing with the best agency.

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