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Marketing funnels: The key to lead generation & users

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A marketing funnel is the structure a company creates to facilitate its customer journey. It defines everything from the first interaction a prospect has with a business to their evolution ultimately into a paying customer.

Marketing funnels should be unique to your business. Some funnels incorporate social media and lead magnets. Others focus on content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

But no matter how you structure your funnel, there is one vital fact you must remember:

Even if your company has not given much thought to the theory of funnel design , you probably already have a marketing funnel of some description (otherwise you’d have no customers at all).

However it is common for businesses to construct marketing funnels in an ad hoc manner over time. An incoherent mix of channels and tactical campaigns, cobbled together by different agencies or teams, may rise by default to become the ‘marketing funnel’ – even if it barely functions.

In such cases, the absence of strategic vision creates a funnel that lacks focus and is highly inefficient. The business may lose control of customer touchpoints, and fail to provide the experience required for a truly effective customer journey. If left unchecked, potential buyers will gravitate to competitors who do know how to sell to them, resulting in a serious loss of market share.

Webbuzz is an experienced funnel marketing agency. We can help you to create a funnel that takes your customers on a journey from attraction, to engagement and finally convert your target audience into clients and what your business does to take them on a journey.

How marketing funnels work

Drive early transformation results with new, improved digital marketing funnels.

The good news about marketing funnel lead generation is that it’s relatively easy to set up. Even better, the help of a funnel marketing agency allows you to create some early positive results during the initial stages of your digital transformation process.

The typical marketing funnel breaks down into three stages.

Stage 1 – Awareness

This is the top of your funnel because it’s where most of your prospects join you on their customer journey. The awareness stage covers how prospects hear about you for the first time and what you do to create the trust needed for them to move on to the next stage. This part of a marketing funnel uses the following techniques:

Stage 2 – Consideration

Knowing that a prospect knows who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problem, they move into the consideration stage. They’ve engaged with you and are actively considering buying from your company. Your job is to earn their trust and qualify them as a customer using the following techniques:

Stage 3 – Conversion

The prospect trusts you and knows you deliver a product or service that meets their needs. All that’s left is to convert them into a paying customer using these smart tactics:

What makes a bad funnel?

When marketing funnel lead generation fails, it’s often due to at least one of three critical mistakes:

The Webbuzz funnel marketing agency ensures you avoid these pitfalls so you create effective funnels.

Personalisation: The secret weapon of funnel marketing

Personalisation in marketing is anything you do to make the customer’s journey more relevant to them.

Personalisation in marketing is anything you do to make the customer’s journey more relevant to them.

According to HubSpot, a staggering 99% of marketers say that personalisation helps them advance customer relationships. And those customers agree. Statista states that 90% of consumers find personalised marketing content appealing.

The message is simple:

When you speak directly to the individual, you improve their customer journey.

Our funnel marketing agency ensures your funnels use personalised emails, content written for specific audiences, paid adverts that appeal to specific audience segments, and so much more to help you leverage the power of personalisation.

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A marketing funnel is a model that represents the journey a customer takes from awareness of a product or service to its eventual purchase.

The funnel is typically depicted as wide at the top and narrowing as it progresses, reflecting the fact that not all customers who become aware of a product will ultimately make a purchase.

The stages of a typical marketing funnel include:

  1. Awareness: The customer becomes aware of the product or service.
  2. Interest: The customer expresses interest in the product or service by visiting a website, downloading a resource, or engaging with social media content.
  3. Consideration: The customer actively considers the product or service and evaluates its features, benefits, and drawbacks.
  4. Intent: The customer forms an intention to purchase the product or service.
  5. Evaluation: The customer compares the product or service to others and makes a final decision.
  6. Purchase: The customer makes a purchase and becomes a customer.

Marketing funnels are used to guide marketing efforts and allocate resources effectively.

By understanding the stages of the funnel and the customer’s behaviour at each stage, marketers can create targeted campaigns and experiences that guide customers through the funnel and towards a purchase.

A marketing funnel agency helps businesses develop and execute marketing strategies aimed at moving customers through the sales funnel from initial awareness of a product or service to a final purchase. The agency’s goal is to create a seamless and personalised customer journey that is optimised for conversions.

A marketing funnel agency provides a range of services, including:

Funnel strategy development: The agency works with the client to identify the target audience, understand their needs and motivations, and develop a tailored marketing funnel strategy.

Funnel design and optimisation: The agency designs and optimises the marketing funnel to ensure that it is optimised for conversions and provides a seamless customer experience.

Traffic generation: The agency generates traffic to the marketing funnel by leveraging channels such as search engine optimisation, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

Conversion optimisation: The agency tests and optimises different elements of the marketing funnel to improve conversion rates, such as landing pages, call-to-actions, and form fields.

Data analysis and reporting: The agency provides data-driven insights and regular reporting on the performance of the marketing funnel, allowing clients to continually refine and optimise their marketing efforts.

A marketing funnel agency can help businesses maximise the return on their marketing investment and achieve their revenue and growth goals.