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It’s widely accepted that social media presents a unique opportunity to speak directly to prospects and existing customers. However, few understand how vital social media is for enabling the improved efficiencies and customer service innovations that underpin digital transformation.

Social media has the power to enhance your company’s reputation while you build relationships. It enables you to build credibility through obvious means, such as your follower numbers, and by offering an interactive, real-time platform on which to share industry-relevant insights.

But did you know, for instance, that it’s possible to build a community of fans who:

When it comes to the social media marketing opportunity, there are two common mistakes that businesses make.

First, many companies underestimate how powerful social media can be as part of a well-designed marketing funnel.

As a result, they fail to capitalise on the potential for social media activities to amplify paid campaigns across other channels.

Second, companies often lump all social media platforms together under the assumption that each serves roughly the same audience. This is definitely not the case. Whilst it’s possible to target the same demographics on different platforms, each has its own features, user culture and behaviours that require specific strategies tailored to the platform in question.

A good social media marketing agency will help you unlock the power of each platform with a well-defined channel strategy.


The world’s largest social media platform has over two billion users, making it ideal for reaching the widest possible audience. It features a paid advertising platform that allows you to create highly targeted ads. Plus, its check-in and review features help your business build a strong digital reputation. The only downside is that Facebook’s regular algorithm changes can make it tough for businesses to reach their followers via organic means.

While all of this is important to know, Facebook’s biggest offering to your digital transformation lies in the activity and engagement of its users:

As such, it’s not necessarily the size of the Facebook audience that makes the platform so vital to your digital transformation. It’s how engaged that audience is with the platform. Effective social campaigns take advantage of that platform engagement to drive brand awareness, lead generation, and sales.


How can you boost your digital profile on LinkedIn with a social media advertising agency? Australia has adopted LinkedIn as its primary business-to-business social platform. If your company serves other businesses, this is the platform for you. However, it’s not quite as good for reaching general consumers.

LinkedIn is particularly crucial for business-to-business companies because of the effectiveness of organic outreach on the platform. According to data from Social Shepherd:

Simply put, if you put in the work to connect with your audience on LinkedIn, you’re likely to see strong results.


TikTok is the new kid on the block, and it’s making waves with young people. With over a billion users, the platform is ideal for appealing to niche communities and creating viral trends. Its short-form videos are great for creating quick and engaging content. But you may find it’s not the right platform for your business if you appeal to an older demographic.

TikTok offers the perfect combination of digestible content and regular usage. According to Social Shepherd:


Instagram allows you to unleash your creative side while appealing to a younger and more vibrant audience.

Like TikTok, Instagram is the platform of choice for businesses that appeal to a younger demographic. Social Pilot tells us that:

It’s also the platform of choice for retailers who wish to enable digital transformation as 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts from the platform each month.

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Millions of Australians are on social media at any given moment. It’s a huge opportunity, but the reality is it’s also an extremely cluttered online environment.

There are thousands of advertisers competing for the same ‘eyeballs’ in any given market, and with so much content it’s easy for users to become overwhelmed and distracted.

The best solution is to create truly remarkable content that:

The Webbuzz social media marketing agency team helps Sydney and Australia-based businesses to meet, and beat, these challenges. We develop and implement social media strategies distinguished by:

These techniques combine to create a social media strategy that strengthens your digital transformation to drive new leads and sales.

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Whether it is worth hiring a social media agency depends on the needs and goals of your business. Here are some factors to consider:

Time and resources: If your business is stretched thin and you don’t have the time or resources to manage your social media presence effectively, a social media agency can help. They can handle all aspects of your social media marketing and save you time and effort.

Skills and expertise: Social media is constantly evolving and requires specialised skills and knowledge to be effective. A social media agency has the expertise and experience to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and implement effective strategies for your business.

Objectives and goals: If your business has specific goals for social media, such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or generating leads, a social media agency can help you achieve those goals more effectively. They can create a tailored strategy to meet your specific needs and monitor and adjust it as needed.

Budget: Hiring a social media agency can be a significant investment for your business, so it’s important to consider whether it fits within your budget. On the other hand, investing in a quality social media agency can pay off in the long run by increasing your reach, engagement, and conversions.

In conclusion, hiring a social media agency can be worth it if you are looking to save time, improve your skills and knowledge, meet specific goals, and maximise your budget effectively.

The cost of working with a social media agency in Sydney can vary widely depending on the size of your business, the scope of the project, and the services you require. Some agencies charge a flat fee for a set package of services, while others charge an hourly rate for customised projects.

Here are some factors that can impact the cost of working with a social media agency:

Social media platforms: The cost can vary depending on which platforms you want to focus on, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Services offered: The cost can also depend on the types of services you need, such as social media strategy, content creation, advertising, and analytics.

Agency experience: More experienced agencies tend to charge higher fees, but they may also have a proven track record of success and bring more expertise to the table.

Business size: A larger business with a complex social media presence may require more resources and a higher cost, while a smaller business may need a more basic package.

On average, the cost of working with a social media agency in Sydney can range from a few thousand dollars per month to tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s important to discuss your budget and goals with the agency to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Using social media to achieve business goals such as brand awareness or lead generation takes a lot of effort.

Many businesses in Australia don’t have an inhouse social media team so they outsource the job to a social media marketing company.

WebBuzz social media marketing services brings an expert team of designers, copywriters, and ad consultants who are skilled in the following areas:

  1. Social media strategy
  2. Audience targeting
  3. Ad creatives
  4. High quality graphic design
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Social Media Lead Form
  7. Social Media Remarketing
  8. Social Media Video
  9. Advertising
  10. Social Media Analytics

Social media agencies usually charge on an hourly basis with an agreed minimum monthly quota of hours needed to manage, set up or optimise your social media marketing campaigns.

The fee may vary depending on your goals, content development, target audience reach, ad spend, and other important factors that should be discussed with a social media consultant.

For example, basic brand awareness on Facebook will usually cost less compared to a customised and complex lead generation campaign for different targeted leads.

To discuss the cost, you should request a meeting in person or through a video link with the social media company you are interested in engaging. Make sure to ask important questions around desired results and plotting a path to get there.

It’s quite easy to sign up for a social business account and start posting content on several platforms.

So there’s a perception among business owners in Australia that it’s also easy to execute an effective social media campaign.

But it’s not that easy. Just like search engines such as Google, social media platforms also update their algorithms regularly.

Case in point: Facebook News Feed.

Have you noticed that when you publish a post on your Facebook Page, you’re lucky enough to get a handful of likes and few comments? And most of these engagements are probably from your immediate social circle.

If you want to increase your reach and engagement, you need to boost your post through Facebook advertising. If your goal is brand awareness, you can immediately boost your reach and your post will attract thousands of engagement.

But what if you need to generate leads? Is Facebook even the right channel for your type of business?

This is why a social media marketing strategy is important.

WebBuzz can help you develop a game plan to attract customers but may even beat your competitors.