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Grow Your Brand with Social Media Ads

FACT: Everyone (and their pets) are now on social media.

While you probably don’t want to market your brand to fake Labradoodle accounts, the millions of Australians on ‘socials’ make social media advertising an essential tool for growing your brand.

These days, it’s not enough that you open a business account on these platforms. Getting likes on your social posts won’t necessarily translate to actual sales.

If you want actual value for your business, you need a social advertising strategy.

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Social Media Marketing Stats

A professional social media marketing agency such as WebBuzz might be your best bet to effectively target customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – or anywhere else in Australia.

If you need any more convincing of the opportunity this presents, check out these social media statistics:

  • More than a third of Australians now use social media more than 5 times a day
  • 71% of social media users in Australia are active in the evening, 57% are active first thing in the morning, and 47% during lunchtime and work breaks
  • Facebook dominates the Australian social media landscape with 94% market penetration. Instagram is the second most popular with 46%, Snapchat 40%, and Twitter 32%
  • Australian consumers are increasingly using social media on their smartphones (up from 72% to 81%)
  • 64% of users will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with it in a positive way on social media.
  • 47% of small businesses in Australia are on social media

Source: 2018 Sensis Social Media Report

Social Media Marketing Agency Case Study

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retirement essentials logo

Webbuzz is the social media agency Sydney can rely upon to provide strategy, art direction and digital marketing smarts to your unique social media campaign. On Facebook recently, over a 3 month period, we increased these engagement metrics for our client Retirement Essentials:


Increased Reactions


Increased Shares


Increased Comments

FAQs about Social Media Marketing Agencies

  • What do social media marketing agencies do?

    Using social media to achieve business goals such as brand awareness or lead generation takes a lot of effort. Many businesses in Australia don’t have an inhouse social media team so they outsource the job to an agency.

    As a social media marketing agency in Sydney, WebBuzz has assembled an expert team of designers, copywriters, and ad consultants who are skilled in the following areas:

    • Social media strategy
    • Audience targeting
    • Ad creatives
    • High quality graphic design
    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Lead Form
    • Social Media Remarketing
    • Social Media Video Advertising
    • Social Media Analytics

    As a full-service digital marketing agency in Australia, we are capable of delivering results for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and YouTube ads.

  • How much does a social media agency charge?

    Social media agencies like WebBuzz will usually charge on an hourly basis with agreed minimum monthly quota hours needed to effectively manage social marketing campaigns.

    The fee may vary depending on your social media marketing goals, content development, target audience reach, ad spend, and other important factors that should be discussed with a social media consultant.

    For example, basic brand awareness on Facebook will usually cost less compared to a customised and complex lead generation campaign for different targeted leads.

    To discuss the cost, you should request a meeting in person or through a video link with the social media agency you are interested to work with. Make sure to ask important questions like deliverables and inclusions.

  • How do businesses use social media for advertising?

    Social media is not all about branding. If done well with the right team, you can achieve a lot of important business goals.

    Here are some common reasons why businesses use social media to advertise their brands:

    • Build brand awareness
    • Connect with existing customers
    • Direct traffic to a website
    • Generate leads and sales
    • Amplify promotional campaigns
    • Enhance brand engagement
    • Nurture an online community
    • Improve customer service quality

    While you can do a lot with social media, it’s best not to overwhelm yourself and your community – at first. At WebBuzz, we usually advise our clients to start out with a pilot goal and test the results before expanding.

    Choose just three key priorities, and start from there.

  • Why you need a social media marketing strategy?
    It’s quite easy to sign up for a social business account and start posting content on several platforms. So there’s a perception among business owners in Australia that it’s also easy to execute an effective social media campaign. But it’s not that easy. Just like search engines such as Google, social media platforms also update their algorithms regularly. Case in point: Facebook News Feed. Have you noticed that when you publish a post on your Facebook Page, you’re lucky enough to get a handful of likes and few comments? And most of these engagements are probably from your immediate social circle. If you want to increase your reach and engagement, you need to boost your post through Facebook advertising. If your goal is brand awareness, you can immediately boost your reach and your post will attract thousands of engagement. But what if you need to generate leads? Is Facebook even the right channel for your type of business? This is why a social media marketing strategy is important. WebBuzz can help you develop a game plan to attract customers but may even beat your competitors.

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