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Data is effectively useless in the absence of insight and action.

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Website Analytics: The Key to More Sales

When it comes to digital marketing, data is king. And whether your main source of web traffic is SEO, pay per click, or social, Google Analytics is usually the analytics provider of choice.

As a business owner, you might think website analytics is boring. Nothing could be further from the truth! Web analytics allows you to track and measure almost any metric you can think of. It is the key to more sales.

In fact, no serious agency would ever publish a website or start a digital campaign without first setting up tracking and analytics software.

At WebBuzz, we use data for pretty much everything – but especially to inform campaign strategy. We make analytics interesting for clients, by creatively interpreting the data to develop actions that will turbo-charge the marketing plan.

Our team of digital marketing experts can help you set up Google Analytics. Whether your require a basic or advanced Google Analytics installation, we’ll get your digital campaigns optimised for data collection.

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Get Data Insights. Boost Website Conversions

Attracting thousands of visitors to your website is nice. But ultimately, converting these visitors into actual paying customers is all that matters.

The beauty of Google Analytics is that even a glimpse of the data can provide amazing insights. It can help you identify the design changes needed to increase conversion rate, new revenue opportunities, or the bad conversion paths costing you money .

Webbuzz is an expert in Google Analytics conversions. We can help optimise your marketing funnel so that data drives your sales pipeline:

  • Custom analytics dashboards
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Event tracking
  • Goal completions
  • Multi channel funnel reports
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion tracking

Case Study

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In this SEO case study for a non-bank lender, Webbuzz generated 1057 leads in the first year of our campaign and achieved a 1,733% increase in the number of keywords ranking on Google.


Increase in website traffic since launch


Leads generated in one year


Increase in number of keywords ranking in Google

Google Analytics FAQs

  • Why Use an Agency to Set Up Google Analytics?

    The quality of your website data feeds directly feeds into the effectiveness of any digital campaign. Yet poorly configured Google Analytics installations are a common problem in business websites across all industries in Australia.

    Setting up and optimising Google analytics to track the right type of data can be tricky.

    It requires focus, experience and a good understanding of the commercial objectives of the business.

    An agency with specialist analytics expertise can help you get it right fast, saving you a lot of time and money.

  • How Does an Agency Use Google Analytics (GA)?

    Ideally, an agency should proactively work with the business owners to help them setup and optimise web analytics data. Here are the typical steps we follow at Webbuzz:

    1. Conduct a comprehensive audit of your Google analytics to establish a ‘baseline’ of traffic flows, and identify any problems.
    2. Consult with the business to establish the most important metrics, before setting up goals that map the step-by-step conversion funnels.
    3. Integration of any other key web apps and customised campaigns into GA.
    4. Use Google Analytics to provide clients with regular, ongoing reporting.

    (The data insights drawn from analytics reports help track online agency and campaign performance, as well as identify new marketing opportunities).

  • When Do I Need Agency Help With Google Analytics?

    Here are the common signs that it’s time to partner with a Google Analytics agency:

    • You are launching a new website
    • You are not familiar with Google Analytics but you have heard it is important for online campaigns
    • No one in your company knows Google Analytics
    • Your current digital marketing agency is not giving your results
    • You want to skyrocket your sales and you need help from Analytics experts to setup your Google Analytics account
    • You considered hiring an in-house analytics expert but you can’t find the right person within the available budget
    • You need help in setting up business goals in Google Analytics

    At WebBuzz, we combine our technical know-how and creativity that helps business owners beat their competition. We work with businesses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and anywhere across Australia.

  • What Is Google Attribution?

    Google Analytics Attribution, or simply Google Attribution, is a tool that measures the performance of your online marketing channels.

    Google acquired the startup Adometry in 2014. It later transformed its technology into Attribution 360, which is now included in the premium version of Google Analytics 360.

    This tool helps track the customer journey through each of their online touchpoints. It helps you define the most effective digital channels for your business.

    (If you’re overwhelmed with this ‘techspeak’, just give us a call so we can explain how Google Attribution can help your business).

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What our clients say

Darren & the Webbuzz team have been a pleasure to work with so far.We engaged them for both website development and digital strategy + marketing for our Finance related firm.Darren was honest... and direct about his process from the get-go. No false expectations or promises, while still giving us confidence in the teams abilities. His finance background was also very useful when explaining our product and processes.Throughout the website build, he has been great at taking our thoughts and ideas into account, while still pushing back on points he finds important - a big plus.While we haven’t reached the marketing stage of our agreement yet, Darren has provided great guidance during our higher level discussions surrounding digital marketing, and even moved us away from paying for services he offers that he doesn’t believe would be a right fit, or provide a worthwhile return.Overall, very happy with the team so far, and excited to see where things go as we move into our Growth (digital strategy) more
Jake Ou
Jake Ou
06:17 04 May 21
We have just completed a major rebuild of our website with Darren & Ben, I can't express how happy we are with the new site, the whole process was painless, the "boys" explained everything in plain... English. I would have no hesitation in recommending WebBuzz if you are considering web development and digital more
Brad A. Gunn
Brad A. Gunn
08:30 27 Aug 20
Darren, Ben & the team at Web Buzz have done a great job on our website & we are very happy with the end result.Designing & building a website is a big task and takes a lot of patience, knowledge... & understanding of our business to ensure it aligns with our company guidelines and values. Darren & Ben both communicated with us throughout the entire process of creating our Real Estate Website Design & overall we are pleased with Web more
SG Simone
SG Simone
03:09 27 Jul 20
Ben and Darren are amazing!! They're always super helpful and understanding. They've made my medical website design soooo much better than before! Wish I knew them sooner.
Nikky Gordon
Nikky Gordon
04:56 24 Jul 20
Darren, Ben and the team at Webbuzz helped with my startup businesses Website Design, Concept, CRM Set Up, Lead Capture, Digital Marketing strategy amongst a number of other projects! It took all... the stress off me as a Business owner and I was able to drive some serious growth from day 1 without having to rely on referrals from Centres of Influence etc. I'm continuing use of the services to help grow and scale my business. Highly recommended!read more
Shaun Ganguly
Shaun Ganguly
00:20 11 Mar 20
If you're after an Australian SEO agency, Ben and the team at Webbuzz have been great.They've helped us increase our SEO leads and conversions over the 18 months we've been with them.Not only... that, they are always happy to share their knowledge, and explain their strategy. This means our staff can proactively aid in their efforts and help magnify the results.Thank you more
Ramez Zaki
Ramez Zaki
22:56 20 Nov 19
Webbuzz are amazing at SEO. I would't trust any other company with our SEO for the business. Although results take time, we have managed to gain increases across the board with leads and... conversion rates consistently for the past couple of years! Highly recommendedread more
Victoria Coster
Victoria Coster
05:43 07 Aug 19
Heartland Seniors Finance has an excellent partnership with WebBuzz. They understand our business, understand our customers and have delivered great results.
Andrew Ford
Andrew Ford
04:30 08 Aug 18
I've been using Webbuzz for my digital marketing for a few years now. I'm happy to recommend them. They are reliable and deliver on their promises - my website is much more visible on Google.
Prof. Stan Sidhu
Prof. Stan Sidhu
07:20 26 Jun 18
WebBuzz is awesome! They created the website for my new business and I love it. Ben and Darren really know their stuff, they made the whole process super easy and delivered an exceptional website.
Melissa Charnock
Melissa Charnock
04:51 06 Aug 15
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