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Email marketing for business growth: 3 key metrics 

You might be wondering, does email marketing still hold its ground amidst the dazzling world of digital marketing? Let’s cut through the noise and look at some hard facts. 

In Australia, reading email is still the most popular online internet activity, and the overall email open rate is 20.6 per cent, which is higher than the global average of 18 per cent. 

So, what’s in it for you, the business owner keen to understand if email marketing still works? Emails remain steadfast in three key areas your customers care about: personalised communication, secure transactions, and exclusive offers.

Stick around as we look into why and how email marketing, though seemingly unassuming, continues to be an effective tool that can benefit your business in ways you might not have considered.

Consistent and Personalised Communication

Email marketing is a powerful tool that lets you connect directly with your customers by personalising your message to align with their preferences and needs. If you’re a business owner unsure about the impact of email marketing, here’s how it can be a game-changer: email enables you to transform generic interactions into personalised experiences that resonate with your audience.

Here are some ways to personalise emails:

  • Birthday Discounts: Sending special offers or discounts on a customer’s birthday can make them feel valued.
  • Tailored Product Recommendations: Analyse customer purchase history and suggest products that align with their preferences.
  • Personalised Greetings: Using the customer’s name in the greeting can add a personal touch to your communication.
  • Exclusive Updates: Providing personalised updates on products or services the customer has shown interest in keeps the dialogue relevant.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Recognising and rewarding customer loyalty through customised offers can foster long-term relationships.

By consistently delivering tailored but automated content to your customers’ inboxes, you’re building a meaningful connection that can convert a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. This approach is a testament to the enduring effectiveness of email marketing in growing your business.

Trustworthy and Secure Transactions

In an online world filled with uncertainty, customers seek assurance and transparency, especially when it comes to transactions. As a business owner, you’re likely on the lookout for ways to instil confidence in your customers, and email marketing can be your ally in this mission.

Email stands as a trusted channel for sharing essential transactional information:

  • Receipts and Invoices: Immediately after a purchase, customers expect a clear summary of their transaction. An email serves this purpose perfectly, providing a detailed breakdown of costs, taxes, and shipping fees.
  • Order Confirmations: A swift email confirming an order not only puts a customer’s mind at ease but also reinforces the reliability of your business.
  • Shipping Updates: Keeping customers in the loop about the journey of their purchase, from dispatch to delivery, builds anticipation and trust.

By consistently using email for these crucial touchpoints, you show your customers that your business is reliable and secure. It’s a simple yet powerful way to validate that email marketing continues to serve as an essential tool in fostering customer trust and ensuring smooth transactions.

Unbeatable Reach for Promotions and Offers

Launching a new product or offering a limited-time discount? You’d want the news to spread far and wide, landing directly in front of your potential customers. Here’s where email marketing shines, providing a channel that is both immediate and extensive.

In Australia, where email boasts an impressive open rate, it’s evident that your promotional message is likely to be seen by a substantial portion of your audience.

So, for business owners seeking to verify if email marketing is still a potent tool: it is. By sending out a well-crafted email blast, you ensure that your offers don’t just stay within the confines of your website but reach inboxes swiftly and efficiently.

This means your latest promotions, special discounts, and exclusive offers land directly in the personal space of your potential customers, offering you an unbeatable reach that other platforms may struggle to provide. It’s quick, it’s direct, and as the numbers show, it’s undeniably effective.

Conclusion: Embracing the Tried-and-True: Email Marketing’s Enduring Relevance

Despite being labelled as ‘boring’, email marketing remains crucial for meeting essential customer needs. It provides personalised communication, secure transactions, and effective reach for promotions. The high open rates in Australia prove its ongoing relevance.

Business owners wondering about the efficacy of email marketing should consider the following steps:

  • Evaluate Your Strategy: Identify areas for improvement in your current email campaigns.
  • Consult with Experts: Seek advice from professionals like WebBuzz to enhance your strategies. Book a FREE marketing assessment now.
  • Implement Changes: Apply the insights and optimise your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing still works, and with the right approach, it can significantly help your business online. 

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