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Linkedin marketing services that get you more business.

Fact: over 8 million Australians are now using LinkedIn and most of them are professionals or business executives.

So if your business aims to connect with professionals, doing lead generation on this Microsoft-owned social media site makes a lot of sense.

By all means work on your LinkedIn profile and create a company page; these things are essential too. In fact you need a company page to advertise at all. But if you want instant enquiry, or more exposure for your brand in a certain industry vertical, what you really want is Linkedin Advertising.

LinkedIn Ads are also great for road-testing ideas with different cohorts of business people. Why not create your own industry-specific report and send out surveys to everyone in your industry.

The possibilities are almost limitless for lead generation on Linkedin, and in tandem with other social media marketing services, such as remarketing or Facebook Ads, you can amplify the power of any campaign.

Generate More Business Leads with an Australian B2B PPC Agency.

Using LinkedIn for business lead generation is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing, such as cold calling or print ads; that’s just how digital marketing works.

But to experience the thrill of a successful B2B campaign, you need expertise and experience on your side. This is why many business owners prefer to work with a LinkedIn advertsing agency like WebBuzz.

WebBuzz has now generated over 150,000 leads across all digital marketing channels since 2014, and that includes Linkedin Ads. It also includes the leads generated across our other brand Wealthify.com.au, which has been supplying mortgage brokers with quality home loan leads since 2016.

To supercharge your business lead generation campaigns, engage professional LinkedIn marketing services with the team at WebBuzz.

Linkedin Marketing Agency FAQs

  • Why advertise with LinkedIn?

    Australian businesses usually advertise on LinkedIn mainly to drive leads, particularly from B2B gated content. 

    The engagement is usually not higher compared to Facebook or Instagram but the conversion is, especially if you designed the campaign well to resonate with your target market. 

    Among all social media platforms, we can say that LinkedIn is the number one choice for B2B businesses. 

    But there are also effective ways that we can use if you are a B2C and you need to generate customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or any location in Australia. 

    A B2C company can use LinkedIn to promote content, which can help in driving traffic back to your website. 

    There are B2C companies that are syndicating their blog posts through LinkedIn published for extra reach and engagement.

  • What does a LinkedIn advertising agency do?

    A LinkedIn advertising agency has the expertise and experience in managing and optimising adverts on LinkedIn and other B2B platforms. 

    Hiring an agency can help you in all phases of LinkedIn marketing, from identifying your target market, creation of advertising materials, setting up ads, and keeping track of results. 

    On top of LinkedIn ads management, an agency may help you with the following areas:

    • Lead generation
    • Conversion rate optimisation
    • Landing pages
    • Social media marketing

    A Sydney based LinkedIn advertising agency can help you achieve your short-term and long-term business goals through proven strategies on LinkedIn.  

  • When do you need a LinkedIn advertising agency?

    You may need to work with a professional agency for LinkedIn Ads management if you are a business owner in Australia with minimal experience in online marketing.

    Working with LinkedIn Ads experts can maximise your ad spend and improve results.

    LinkedIn has been helping business owners in generating leads, so there’s a big chance that your competitors are also looking into it.

    To stay competitive, you need to partner with experts who really know the business and the platform.

    It requires a specific skill set to set up and optimise effective LinkedIn ads.

    A LinkedIn advertising agency can help you plan and manage all your online ads campaign focusing on conversion.

  • How B2B businesses use LinkedIn for advertising?

    Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that are filled with pictures of cute dogs, selfies, and memes, LinkedIn is designed for professional content. 

    It is comparable to your local chamber of commerce where the discussion is valuable and relevant for professional or business goals. 

    As such, LinkedIn is usually the number one choice for B2B businesses who need to promote their products or services to other businesses. 

    While you can pay to run advertisements on LinkedIn, successful B2B businesses focus first on posting valuable content, share professional insights and regularly engage with your network. 

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