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The best SEO marketing is all about your customer.

SEO marketing is an incredibly powerful way to put your business or product in front of target customers at key moments in the buying journey.

When a consumer first becomes ‘problem aware’ and they want more information about that particular problem, they search Google.

When they become ‘solution aware’ and begin to research how to solve the problem, they search Google.

And when they move into ‘solution comparison’ (when they’re ready to buy and actively shopping your offer against that of your competitors) – they search Google.

Webbuzz is a local SEO services business who have been ranking websites high in Google, at key stages in the buying journey, since 2013.

Why you need Australian SEO services.

SEO is key to ranking high in the search results for commercial search terms related to your product or services.

Fact: If you have competitors already doing well online, chances are they’re using SEO services.

Done properly, SEO is an excellent long-term strategy for attracting web traffic to your site.

At Webbuzz we combine data science, content marketing experience, and the latest digital strategies to help our clients grab more market share and beat their competitors in Search.

Webbuzz is an Australian SEO Company

SEO Australia Case Study

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As a leading Australian SEO company, Webbuzz works with businesses across a variety of different industries. In this SEO Case Study for an Australian non-bank lender we achieved a 1,733% increase in the number of keywords ranking on Google.


Increase in website traffic since launch


Leads generated in one year


Increase in number of keywords ranking in Google

FAQs About SEO

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search Engine Optimisation, or simply SEO, is the process of growing awareness and visibility of your business in organic search engine results through proven techniques such as link building and web page content optimisation.

    If you want to appear on Google’s 1st page for the keywords that relate to your market, appear in the ‘search engine results pages’ (SERPs) before your competitors, get more organic traffic, and build online awareness, you need SEO services from a reputable Australian SEO company.

    Using a skilled SEO agency, you can attract online search traffic to your website and improve the online visibility of your brand. 

  • How does SEO work?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires methodical work and a data-driven ‘white-hat’ approach. As a local Australian SEO company, Webbuzz has developed an inhouse process of website analysis, content optimisation, and link-building that drives success for our clients.

    Keeping up with ‘on-page’ SEO whilst building quality backlinks can be time-consuming to business owners, especially if it is not your area of focus. In addition, Google is one of the most innovative companies today and they‘re always updating their search algorithm to make search results more accurate and user-friendly.

    If you work with an Australian SEO agency such as WebBuzz, we'll keep your website SEO on top of any Google updates, so you can focus on running your business.

  • What do SEO agencies do?

    SEO agencies help businesses develop, execute, and optimise their efforts in appearing on search engine results pages, using a set of researched, and mutally agreed upon keywords that matter to the business. Done well, this attracts users in the target market for the business, to their website.

    SEO agencies generally follow these steps with a new client. They:

    1. Get to know your business, its’ objectives and your target market;
    2. Research your competitors
    3. Do keyword research and refine a keyword strategy with you
    4. Update and (if required) rewrite website content to match the keyword strategy
    5. Begin a campaign of backlink building, using outreach, social and other methods
    6. Monitor and test the results on search engines over time
    7. Make any changes to the website or strategy as required

    SEO is not a one-time task, it requires an ongoing monthly program of on-page content optimisation, monitoring and testing, and the creation of backlinks on third party sites linking back to the client’s website; using the original set of strategic keywords as a guiding light.

    WebBuzz has a team of SEO consultants who can help you create long-term SEO campaigns to target your customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere across Australia.

  • How to Choose an SEO Company?

    Whether you are a small business who needs a website or an enterprise requiring a new game plan to beat your competitors, choosing the right SEO agency is crucial. An SEO partnership is long-term relationship so you must be sure who you are dealing with.

    The first thing you need to look for in an SEO company is results. Forget about the shiny presentation or the mind-boggling tech speak. Ask for case studies and be sure to check for yourself. Direct experience with your industry can sometimes be an advantage, but the principles are the same regardless of the product or service.

    Be sure to meet the SEO team, via video link or face to face. Ideally they should be very curious about your business. Spend some time talking with them and asking questions. Explain your goals and ask them how they will help you realise them. A lack of clear strategy or genuine interest in your business is often a sign you are not dealing with the best SEO company.

  • What is Ethical SEO?

    Ethical SEO is traditionally defined as SEO marketing efforts that adheres to ‘white hat’ principles, by using only optimisation strategies that search engines such as Google regard as acceptable.

    However in recent years its meaning has expanded to also mean the ‘ethical provision of search engine optimisation services by an agency to its clients’.

    In Australia, dishonest SEO providers have proliferated and complaints by small businesses against other agencies for doing little or no work are commonplace.

    The reason some Australian SEO companies can get away with this, is that SEO is complex and its workings can be opaque. Dodgy operators hide their poor work (or minimal effort) behind this complexity, and the client’s lack of technical knowledge. Often the client does not realise they have been paying for a poor SEO service until a new, more reputable agency takes over.

    Webbuzz rejects a cynical approach to SEO services. We are proud of our long history of transparency, fairness, and high performance. Knowledge is power, and we also believe in educating clients (and SME’s more broadly), on how SEO works.

    We are committed to these principles, and value our reputation as an ethical SEO agency – in both senses of the word.

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