What are ‘Membership sites’?


A membership site is an exclusive section of an existing website, or a stand-alone online business model, where only subscribed members have access to certain content for features. Members may join for ongoing services, premium content, special offers, or to being part of an exclusive community. The membership site can be paid, free or both.


A locked web page (or pages) that offers exclusivity and valuable content for your customers.

How do Membership Sites work?

The main point of difference from a common website is the need for a user to 'sign up' with a name and a password in order to access content.

Most membership sites also require 'product development' and the integration of 'payment gateways' such as PayPal or Stripe in order to monetise the most exclusive content or services.

As an internet marketing agency with lots of experience in membership sites, Webbuzz can nurture your raw concept through the market-testing and development phases all the way through to launch, scale and beyond.

Membership sites are an exciting way to build a supplementary source of recurring revenue for your existing business, or the basis of entirely new business models.

Why do you need a Membership Site?

A growing trend is for knowledge-based businesses to package some or all of their content into online 'products' for sale. 'Members' can then purchase services as a one-off online product sale, or by ongoing monthly subscription.

Membership sites can help further monetise existing intellectual property, or form the basis of entirely new business models. Done well, it allows you to build a community of customers who will not only provide valuable input on product development, but who will buy from you over and over again, and even refer new members to you.

It is also an ideal communication channel for your member users to be kept informed and up to date with key activities that you are performing, as well as targeted marketing and secure messaging when warranted.

When do you need Membership Sites?

As a local digital marketing firm specialising in growing online communities, we’ve noticed common reasons why Australian businesses seek to build membership sites:

To generate new revenue streams and more regular income from existing customers. To ‘scale’ a service-based business.

To deliver additional, more valuable content. To create ‘exclusivity’ for services at  a premium price-point.

To ‘monetise’ existing online communities or social media groups. Or to the ‘socialise’ the buying journey.

To deepen customer engagement with a brand, by providing a platform for more ‘personal’ interactions

Grow membership though ‘affiliate marketing’ with special offers and revenue-sharing opportunities for third parties. It’s a low-cost way to quicly grow your online brand presence.