Lead Generation

WEBBUZZ SAYS: "Whatever the industry, whatever the product there's always a way to generate leads. The only questions are how many, and for what cost."

PPC Lead Generation

Otherwise known as ‘Search Engine Marketing’,  ‘Pay Per Click’ ads (PPC lead generation) found on Google & other search engines are the most efficient form of online advertising; advertisers only get charged if someone clicks on the ad. 

Search Engine Optimisation


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO the process of is growing awareness and visibility of your business in organic search engine results through the process of 'content optimisation' and link-building.

Why do you need SEO?

Done properly, SEO is an excellent long-term strategy for attracting web traffic to your site and improving your business visibility online. It can produce 'free' traffic and leads, thereby reducing your overall advertising spend.

When do you need SEO?

If you want to appear on Google's 1st page for the keywords that relate to your market, appear in the SERPs before your competitors, get more organic traffic, & build online awareness you need SEO.

How does SEO work?

SEO requires methodical work and a scientific 'white-hat' approach. As a local Australian SEO company, we have an established process of website analysis, content optimisation, and link-building that drives our success for clients.

Video Marketing

In digital marketing, if you snooze, you lose. Getting on board with new trends such as Video Marketing is essential for reaching your customers in a fresh and compelling way, that truly engages.

What is Video Marketing?

Internet video marketing is the ultimate digital strategy for reaching the millions of users on YouTube, and increasingly, Facebook.

A video marketing strategy starts with creative direction, and encompasses video production, distribution and advertising. The objective varies depending on the client, but can often include increasing engagement through social media, growing customer rapport, brand awareness, increasing sales.

Why do you need Video Marketing?

Internet video marketing is growing very fast because it’s an easier way for the user to consume online content than the traditional text-based approach of words on a web-page.

The rise of video content is a ‘mega trend’ that is especially prevalent in Millennials and Gen Y. Good video marketing can amplify your brand reach via social media. The impact of video for your website is also huge, as it helps to increase the average ‘time on site’ metric which is beneficial, not just for your brand, but for your SEO.

Social Media

What Social Media?

Social Media is any website or app that allows users to create and share content. There are in fact countless other Social Media channels aside from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In. Which is best to achieve your business goals?

Why Social Media?

Social media rewards creativity and persistence. Effective social media campaigns done properly can be a powerful accelerant for your businesses.

When Social Media?

Now. Your customers spend most of their spare time on a smartphone checking their social media updates. It’s a huge opportunity – take advantage of it.