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Marketing with Generative A.I: 5 Things Australian Companies Must Know

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground, you’ve likely heard a fair bit about the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in business. But within the vast realm of AI, there’s a particular star on the rise: generative AI. Let’s look into what it’s all about and why it should matter to you.

The generative AI scene in Australia is showing some truly impressive numbers, as recent data from Statista reveals. The value in the generative AI market is gearing up to reach an impressive US$1 billion in 2023 alone. And the momentum doesn’t stop there. 

With a forecasted annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.31% from 2023 to 2030, Australia’s market volume for AI in business is predicted to jump to a staggering US$4 billion by the end of the decade. This rapid growth trajectory highlights the burgeoning importance and potential of generative AI in Australia’s tech industry.

What is Generative AI?

In simple terms, generative AI is a kind of artificial intelligence that’s trained not just to learn from data but to generate new content from it, showcasing how AI is transforming the future of digital marketing

Think of it like this: while most AI might learn a song’s lyrics, a generative one could create a new verse or even an entirely new song, illustrating how AI is transforming the future of digital marketing. 

Whether it’s artwork, text, music, or even design elements, this A.I can whip up fresh content that wasn’t there before, underscoring how AI is transforming the future of digital marketing.

Try to watch the beer commercial below that’s a bit eerie, yet strangely promising. It’s the product of generative AI, an innovation that offers a glimpse into the future of advertising. This ad, though creepy, hints at the potential of AI in shaping marketing campaigns without the hefty traditional budgets. With further refinement, companies could harness the power of AI to craft engaging ads, reaching audiences creatively and efficiently, all while saving on costs.

But at its current capacity, the possibilities with business innovation through Generative A.I can be endless:

  • A travel agency could employ generative AI to craft detailed itineraries for various destinations, considering factors like local attractions, weather, and travel preferences. This ensures personalised travel plans for customers seeking unique experiences across Australia.
  • A real estate agency could leverage generative AI to create tailored property listings. The AI could analyse neighbourhood data, recent property sales, and buyer preferences to generate listings that resonate with specific local markets.
  • Cafés or restaurants could implement generative AI for crafting personalised promotions. By considering customer preferences and past orders, the AI could generate unique discount offers that cater to individual tastes.
  • A financial firm could use generative AI to analyse local economic data and generate predictions about financial market trends. This could guide investment decisions for clients seeking local market insights.
  • An animation studio could harness generative AI to create lifelike depictions of native wildlife in digital media. This approach would streamline animation processes, making it easier to produce educational content or captivating advertisements.

These specific examples demonstrate how companies are using generative AI to address local needs, engage customers, and streamline operations in diverse industries across the country.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top important business insights that you should take note of if you are interested in embracing generative A.I in your marketing. 

Embracing Generative AI in Marketing: Top 5 Insights for Australian SMEs

1. Generative AI enables unprecedented content personalisation

Ever got an email that seemed to read your mind? Or perhaps stumbled upon an advertisement that spoke directly to your local preferences? That’s probably generative AI in action. 

At its core, this technology is designed to produce content tailored to the individual. Whether it’s emails, advertisements, or social media campaigns, generative AI models can create them based on the massive amount of data they’ve been trained on. It’s like having a supercharged marketing team at your fingertips that knows your audience inside out.

Now, for us Down Under, this has some exciting implications for customer engagement strategy. Australia is diverse, with its own set of cultural nuances, local legends, and unique preferences. 

Generative AI’s ability to tap into the specifics means businesses can target their campaigns with an Aussie flavour in their customer engagement strategy. 

Whether you’re looking to connect with the surf-loving crowd of Gold Coast, the artsy Melbournians, or the ever-busy Sydneysiders, there’s potential to craft messages that resonate on a personal level and contribute to an effective customer engagement strategy.

For Australian SMEs, this isn’t just about staying relevant. It’s about forging stronger connections. It’s about understanding the very fabric of our diverse population and weaving marketing narratives that not only sell but also tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate our Aussie spirit.

2. Generative AI offers cost-effective and scalable marketing campaigns 

Imagine being a startup in Brisbane or a boutique in Byron Bay, and suddenly having the ability to churn out content at the scale of the big Sydney or Melbourne giants. It levels the playing field, doesn’t it? 

Generative AI offers a cost-effective method to not just keep up with the big players but also to potentially outshine them with uniquely tailored content.

For startups or small to medium businesses keen on making their mark, it’s like having a secret weapon. With a reduced financial burden and the capacity to scale up campaigns swiftly, they can focus on other facets of their business such as:

  • Product development
  • Customer Service
  • Business Planning

The cost-efficiency and scalability offered by generative AI aren’t just buzzwords. They’re real, tangible benefits that can transform the digital journey for Australian businesses in the realm of marketing trends

3. Generative AI can help you enhance your customer journey 

Picture this: what if you had a crystal ball that could not only see the steps a customer might take but also help you adapt in real-time to their whims and fancies? It’s not magic, but rather the power of generative AI, which is revolutionising how we understand our customers’ paths

The world of business isn’t a straightforward track; it’s more of a winding bushwalk. Each customer has their own unique journey, with different stops, distractions, and decisions along the way. 

Generative AI, with its predictive prowess, is like that trusty compass guiding us through these intricate trails on how to design an AI marketing strategy:

  • It analyses heaps of data to forecast the routes customers might choose, allowing businesses to tweak their strategies in real-time.
  • It can help generate unique recommendations based on user interactions
  • It can respond to customer queries and feedback instantly with automated yet personalised replies
  • It can scale up personalised interactions without overwhelming manual effort
  • And more!  

Imagine a Melbournian café owner, for instance. By predicting that customers might first search for a locally-sourced coffee blend before looking for vegan pastries, they could adjust their online ads or in-store promotions accordingly. That’s the advantage of a tailored approach. And for Aussie businesses, it’s like striking gold. It makes them not just a part of the local market but true-blue competitors leading the charge.

With Generative AI for marketing personalisation, Australian businesses can tap into this understanding more deeply, ensuring they’re always a step ahead and ready to serve. 

It’s about giving Aussies what they want before they even realise they want it. And in the competitive marketplace, that’s not just smart – it’s essential. 

4. Generative AI thrives well with localised training data 

Picture this: you’re crafting a digital marketing campaign targeting young Australian families. You want to tap into generative AI’s power to personalise content. 

But, if your AI model has been trained primarily on, let’s say, European or American data, it might recommend a campaign centred around a white Christmas, complete with snow and reindeer. Not quite right for an Aussie summer Christmas by the beach, is it? 

This simple example highlights how, without localised training data, AI can miss the mark big time. It’s not just about the language; it’s about grasping our local nuances: culture, slang, and even the subtle Aussie humour.

We need our AI models to understand what makes Aussies tick. Whether it’s our love for a good footy match, our unique lingo, or our deep-rooted community values, understanding these intricacies ensures our marketing speaks directly to the heart of our audience.

A generic, one-size-fits-all model might be easier, but taking the time to make your A.I truly Australian can be the difference between a ‘yeah-nah’ and a ‘ripper’ campaign.

5. Generative AI presents an opportunity to foster brand trust 

At the heart of any great business is a relationship based on trust. But here’s the catch: generative A.I, as brilliant as it is, brings forth concerns about the authenticity of content, potential manipulation, and the potential misuse of personal data. 

Remember, while AI can generate tailor-made content, it can sometimes blur the line between what’s genuine and what’s machine-made. Plus, with AI’s ability to tap into a customer’s likes and dislikes, there’s always a risk of unintentional manipulation, which might make customers feel like they’re being led down a path they didn’t choose.

It’s not just about abiding by the law; it’s about being genuine and transparent in our actions. And here’s the good news: by being upfront about how we use A.I in our marketing efforts and ensuring we maintain ethical standards, we’re fostering a sense of trust and brand story that no algorithm can replicate.

For example, if a business in Sydney uses generative AI to predict a customer’s preference for summer beachwear, it’s crucial to ensure that the data used is both accurate and ethically sourced. It’s also essential to give customers the option to opt-out or understand how their data is being used. Transparency is the key.

While the allure of generative AI is undeniable, it’s our duty as Aussie businesses to ensure we’re using it ethically. So, as we navigate this new age, let’s remember to keep our customers’ trust at the forefront, ensuring our businesses not only thrive but also remA.In true-blue in their dealings. 

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Steps to Integrate Generative A.I into Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s break down the steps to help you weave generative A.I seamlessly into your marketing game plan.

1. Assess Your Current Digital Marketing Strategies

Before diving into the deep blue A.I ocean, it’s vital to understand where you currently stand. Review your existing marketing strategies. 

Try to answer these questions to help you evaluate your marketing strategy: 

  • How well do you understand your target audience’s preferences, behaviours, and demographics?
  • Are you currently collecting and analysing customer data to derive insights?
  • Is your customer support available 24/7, and is it automated to some extent?
  • How do you currently plan and execute your marketing campaigns?
  • Are you able to adjust your messaging in real-time based on customer interactions?
  • Which digital advertising campaigns have been a hit? 
  • Which ones could use a bit of a boost? 
  • Are you able to track key performance metrics and analyse the results?
  • How open is your organisation to adopting emerging technologies like generative AI?

By addressing these questions, you’ll gain insights into the strengths and areas for improvement within your current digital marketing strategy and how generative AI can be strategically integrated to enhance your efforts.

2. Stay Curious and Keep Learning

Now, here’s the thing about AI and emerging technology marketing: they are always evolving. The algorithms, the capabilities, the potential – it’s like trying to ride a wave that never stops growing. That’s why continuous learning is crucial. Attend workshops, webinars, or even short courses focused on emerging technology marketing. Keep a finger on the pulse of the latest A.I trends and tools. And remember, every hiccup or challenge is just a stepping stone to mastering this transformative tech.

In wrapping up, integrating generative AI into your marketing isn’t just about hopping onto the latest trend. It’s about amplifying your message, connecting more deeply with your audience, and staying ahead of the curve. With a bit of strategy, expert collaboration, and a hunger to learn, you’ll be setting yourself up for some ripper results. 

3. Team Up with the Experts

Sure, you could try to navigate the world of generative A.I solo, but why go it alone when there are experts ready to guide you in crafting effective business growth strategies? Collaborating with seasoned agencies, like WebBuzz, can give you a leg up. We’ve been down the A.I road, we know the shortcuts, the pitfalls, and most importantly, how to tailor it to resonate with our Aussie market. With our guidance, you’ll be well on your way to crafting marketing campaigns that truly hit the mark in terms of business growth strategies.

If you want to integrate generative AI into your business systems but you don’t know where to start, our digital transformation experts can help you. 

Contact us today or call us on 1300 41 00 81.

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