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Clarity: The Rising Star of Web Analytics

What it is: Clarity is a free user behaviour analytics platform that provides insights into user interactions on your website using session playbacks and heatmaps.

What it does: Designed to unravel the intricacies of user behaviour, Clarity offers deep insights into why certain areas of a website receive more engagement than others. It functions like a window into the performance of your site, giving users the ability to monitor real-time interactions, among other features.

Who’s it for: Businesses and marketers keen on understanding user interactions on their websites will find Clarity an invaluable tool. Its range of features, from vivid heatmaps to live user insights, caters to those who want an in-depth look at website performance.

Why you’re loving it / why it’s important: One of Clarity’s standout points is its comprehensive, AI-driven insights. These insights not only help understand user behaviour but can predict future trends based on historical data. This predictive power allows businesses to take a proactive approach, ensuring they stay ahead of potential issues or capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Who’s job does it kill? (disruption): By automating the analysis of user behaviour, Clarity potentially reduces the need for manual data analysis, thereby streamlining the roles of data analysts and UX researchers.

When do you use it: Clarity is best utilised continuously. As users engage with a website, real-time insights and recorded sessions help identify roadblocks, enhance user experience, and optimise marketing strategies instantaneously.

Benefits / PROs:

    • Provides a panoramic view of user interactions through heatmaps
    • Offers real-time referral information for better marketing adjustments
    • Detailed breakdowns of browser usage, device types, and operating systems
    • Predictive power allows businesses to be proactive
    • Anomaly detection highlights unexpected behaviour or website performance changes
    • User segmentation aids targeted marketing and personalisation

    Risks / CONs:

      • As with any AI-driven tool, predictions and interpretations can sometimes be off-mark
      • Over-reliance on such tools may lead to overlooking subtle nuances that human analysts might catch
      • Given that it’s free, concerns about data privacy and how the platform may monetise user data in the future could arise


      Ever wondered why certain parts of your website get more attention than others? Or why do users linger on some pages but quickly bounce off others? With its robust user behaviour analytics, Clarity provides answers to these mysteries. It’s like having an insider’s view into your website’s performance.

      Clarity’s vivid heatmaps offer a panoramic view of user interactions. With just a glance, you can pinpoint which sections of your site are hot spots of activity. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From live user insights to recording capabilities, Clarity serves up a feast of features – all aimed at helping you decode user engagement. 

      Best of all? It’s completely free. Yes, you read that right! In a market where most tools come with a price tag, Clarity’s cost-effective approach is a breath of fresh air.

      Beyond the Basics: Advanced Analytics

      Imagine being able watch your website visitors live and monitor their user journey. With Clarity, you can do just that. Let’s jump in and unpack the features that allow you to monitor real-time interactions and so much more.

      Live Session Playback

      With Clarity’s live session playback, that’s precisely the experience you get. This feature lets you view user interactions as they happen, enabling you to identify issues or roadblocks instantaneously.

      Real-Time Referral Information

      Where are your visitors coming from? Clarity doesn’t keep you guessing. With its real-time referral information, you get an up-to-the-minute view of which platforms or websites are directing traffic your way. This insight is invaluable for adjusting your marketing efforts on the fly and understanding which of your campaigns or partnerships are truly bearing fruit.

      Browser and Device Breakdown

      Clarity offers a detailed breakdown of browser usage, device types, and even operating systems. So, whether your visitors are using Safari on their iPhones or Chrome on their laptops, you’ll be in the know. This can help you optimise your site for the best user experience possible across all platforms.

      Heatmaps and Click Tracking

      While not strictly “live”, Clarity’s heatmaps offer a dynamic visual representation of where users are clicking and engaging the most. This can help you understand which parts of your site are hotspots for activity and which areas might need a bit more attention.

      User-Friendly Dashboards

      Clarity’s dashboard is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. This means that even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can easily navigate and harness the wealth of real-time data at your fingertips. The user insights are displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand format, ensuring that you can make data-driven decisions without any fuss.

      The Power of AI-Driven Insights in Clarity

      Clarity’s AI-driven insights are providing fast, comprehensive, and clever interpretations of data. Let’s get into it!

      Rapid Data Analysis

      Clarity’s AI capabilities swiftly sift through mountains of user interactions, delivering insights at a pace that was once thought impossible. This speed means you can act on issues or opportunities almost as soon as they emerge.

      Behaviour Prediction

      Clarity’s system can forecast user behaviour trends based on historical data. For example, it might notice patterns leading to cart abandonment and give you a heads up before it becomes a bigger problem. This predictive power allows Australian businesses to be proactive, rather than reactive.

      Comprehensive User Journeys

      With AI, Clarity can craft detailed user journey maps. Instead of simple, linear paths, it paints a fuller picture, capturing the many touchpoints and diversions users might take. This insight is invaluable. Knowing where users linger, where they drop off, or where they seem most engaged can inform everything from web design to marketing strategies.

      Anomaly Detection

      Let’s be honest, sometimes things go wrong, and not always where we expect. Clarity’s AI is like a watchful lifeguard at the beach. It can spot anomalies in user behaviour or website performance that might escape the human eye. Whether it’s a sudden drop in engagement on a previously popular page or a spike in traffic from an unknown source, Clarity ensures you’re never caught off guard.

      User Segmentation

      Understanding different user groups is essential for targeted marketing and personalisation. Clarity’s AI-driven system can automatically segment users based on various criteria, be it demographics, behaviour, or engagement levels. This segmentation allows businesses to tailor their approach, catering to the unique needs and preferences of different user groups.

      Clarity vs. Hotjar: A Comparative Analysis

      Clarity and Hotjar are both heavyweights in their own right, yet each brings its own unique flavour to the table. Let’s take a look at how these two stack up against each other, helping you choose the best tool for your needs.

      User Experience Insights

      Clarity: One of Clarity’s standout features is its advanced session recording. It’s like having the ability to look over your user’s shoulder as they navigate your site. Every click, hover, and scroll is recorded, making it easy to pinpoint exactly where users are engaging or where they might be getting a bit stumped.

      Hotjar: While Hotjar also offers session recording, its real strength lies in its feedback tools. Heatmaps, for example, visually represent where users are clicking the most, while surveys and feedback widgets let you get direct insights from your visitors. 

      Dashboard & Data Reporting

      Clarity: Clarity prides itself on offering a user-friendly dashboard that, well, brings clarity to your data. You won’t need to scratch your head trying to figure out where to find certain metrics; everything is neatly organised and easy to understand.

      Hotjar: Hotjar’s dashboard is also fairly intuitive. Both Clarity and Hotjar feature colourful heatmaps and visual feedback.


      Clarity: One of Clarity’s big avantages is its zero-cost offerings. A sizable chunk of its features are available without parting with a single dollar, which is advantageous for startups and businesses watching their budget.

      Hotjar: Hotjar does offer a free basic plan, but to truly unlock its potential, especially for larger businesses, you’ll likely need to explore its paid plans.

      Advanced Features

      Clarity: Beyond its session recording, Clarity boasts advanced features like detailed engagement metrics and robust filtering options. 

      Hotjar: Where Hotjar shines is in its feedback and interaction tools. The ability to directly ask users for feedback or guide them through a survey sets it apart. Plus, its funnel analysis can be a game-changer for businesses looking to understand drop-offs.

      In summary, both Clarity and Hotjar offer incredible tools to elevate your website’s user experience. If you lean towards in-depth behavioural insights with a generous free offering, Clarity might be your go-to. However, if interactive feedback such as user surveys are prefered, Hotjar could be the winner in your books.

      The WebBuzz Advantage: Using Clarity for Digital Marketing Transformation in Australia

      WebBuzz recognises that the key to effective digital marketing lies in understanding your audience. By leveraging Clarity’s robust suite of analytics, WebBuzz provides businesses with deeper insights into user behaviour. This isn’t just about seeing what users are up to; it’s about understanding why they do what they do. Such insights are invaluable for tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with Aussie audiences.

      The beauty of WebBuzz’s approach lies in its adaptability. While Clarity offers detailed user interaction insights, we go a step further by integrating other tools, creating a unified digital marketing ecosystem. From SEO tools to CRM integrations, they ensure every piece of the puzzle works seamlessly for a comprehensive strategy.

      While tools and technologies are vital, WebBuzz knows the importance of human touch. We regularly provide training sessions and workshops for businesses, ensuring that Aussie teams are equipped to harness these tools to their fullest potential. 

      If you want to learn more about Clarity and other advanced business systems, our digital transformation experts can help you. 

      Contact us today or call us on 1300 41 00 81.

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