Solicitor & Law Firm Website Design

We build clean, dynamic Australian solicitor and legal business websites that attract and convert online enquiry.

(Some websites we have created for our clients)

Solicitor & Law Firm Website Design

Drawing on years of experience, our team of web designers will work alongside your legal team to create a superior, bespoke website with the ability to attract online enquiry, converting them into leads for your law business. What are your main practice areas? We use ‘buyer personas’ to build-out the profile of your perfect client. We then write web copy and curate images to create a ‘look and feel’ that resonates your target market.

Our law firm and solicitor websites use a mobile-friendly platform that has been extensively optimised for Google search. If your legal practice chooses to do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we would then create many pages of keyword-rich content around your key practice areas to attract the Google searchers you want.

Webbuzz is a full service digital agency that gets excellent digital marketing results for its clients. We can design and build your website, and create an online lead generation infrastructure which, once established, can produce a consistent flow of new legal enquiry into the future.

We can then bring targeted traffic to your website landing pages via Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other relevant marketing channels including Linkedin Ads and Twitter Ads.

Webbuzz are a provider for the Australian Government’s Small Business Digital Champions program. Here’s what our director Darren had to say about the importance of your website for

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What Our Websites Include

Legal Services Commission internet advertising compliance

Awesome, professional web design

Lead generation capabilities (ask below)

24 hour service standard (for fast website updates)

 Easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet optimised

Website Hosting (if required)

Digital Marketing services (ask below)

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FAQs about Solicitor Websites

  • What do all the best law firm website designs have in common?

    The best law firm website designs are more than a simple ‘digital brochure’ to showcase your brand and professional reputation. They are powerful in-bound lead generation machines.

    Although solicitors are notorious for bad websites and poor digital marketing, more legal firms are realising that the design, content and function of their website is a huge opportunity to attract new clients from Google.

    Whether you are starting from scratch or you’re redesigning your current site, the best law firm website designs have the following elements in common:

    • Fast page load times
    • Genuinely ‘useful’ page content (not just boilerplate text about legal services)
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Visually appealing design
    • Meta data that is optimised for search engines
    • Good ‘call to actions’ (CTA’s)
    • Free content or offers that act as ‘lead magnets’

    Lawyers usually don’t have the time and skill to build such a website.

    WebBuzz can help. We specialise in online law firm marketing and are especially adept at building legal websites that generate leads. Call us on 1300 41 00 81.

  • How much does a lead generation law firm website cost?

    Lead generation agencies basically sell time and expertise. At WebBuzz, we offer 100% transparency in our cost with a rate card that can guide you in our hourly rates for web design services. 

    We offer:

    • One-off web design project work
    • Regular website services in a monthly retainer
    • Bulk pricing and discount pricing for lead generation packages

    The cost of lead generation service for a lawyer website will depend on what you need. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ lead generation service.

    Digital law firm marketing services typically range from $1,500 to $5,000 per month but may be more if the website is complex.

    Some lawyers need multiple services each month like Google ads remarketing, social media management, SEO, content marketing, etc.  Obviously the more services you need the higher the cost.

  • Why is good website content so important for generating new enquiry for solicitors and law firms?

    Good content is a cornerstone of online marketing because it significantly improves your ‘E-A-T’ (Expertise, Authority, and Trust). 

    By publishing helpful and relevant content on your site, your potential clients will know that you are indeed an expert who can help them solve their legal problems. 

    It’s not enough just to list ‘what you do’. The web content that Google ranks highest for any search term is that which best ‘answers the user’s search query’. This means that any effective law firm website content must:

    1. Understand what information each user type is looking for
    2. Provide relevant, original content that provides the information they seek
    3. Consider which keywords are the most valuable to target

    If you are also featured in media outlets or have been recognised as an outstanding lawyer in your community, you will want to showcase that on your website to improve your authority score. 

    Finally, you should post client testimonials, case studies, client onboarding processes, and other content that will show that you are a trusted Australian lawyer or law firm.

    Developing good content for your website is essential for online law firm marketing. It can help you convert your website visitors into actual clients – IF it is targeted, and optimised for keywords with ‘purchase intent’.