Frustrated with Sh#t Marketing? The Seven Signs You’re on the ‘Marketing Rollercoaster’

As a business owner, do you often feel like you’re strapped into a relentless marketing rollercoaster? One minute you’re soaring on the highs of a successful campaign, and the next, you’re plummeting into the despair of unexpected results and a wasted budget. It’s a ride many business owners find themselves on. 

This ‘marketing rollercoaster’ isn’t just tiring—it’s also inefficient and potentially harmful to the long-term health of your business. Are you tired of the unpredictability? Sick of feeling like you have little control over the success of your marketing strategies?

You’re not alone. Many local business owners across Australia share these common pain points. They face the same erratic ups and downs that you do, all stemming from marketing strategies that fail to deliver consistent results. 

Let’s dive into the 7 signs that you might be on this marketing rollercoaster, and more importantly, how you can step off for good.

1. You’re always hiring a consultant 

Ever felt like you’re in a constant state of déjà vu with your marketing consultants? Just when someone seems to get a grip on your brand’s vision, they’re out the door, and you’re back to square one. This revolving door of marketing ‘help’ isn’t just frustrating; it’s costly and can throw your entire marketing strategy off track.

Consider the facts: high churn rates among marketing consultants mean you’re always in hiring mode, never in harnessing mode. Statistics suggest that businesses with less stable teams see significantly higher churn rates, sometimes as steep as 16.7% for contracts under a year​. 

Each new consultant brings a new learning curve, a new adaptation period—time and resources that could have been spent boosting your bottom line.

2. Your sales pipeline is lumpy 

One month, your sales team is smashing targets, and the cash flow is swelling. The next, it’s like someone’s turned off the tap—leads dry up, and you’re scraping by, wondering how to cover your expenses. This feast-or-famine cycle is a common struggle for many Australian businesses, particularly when it comes to managing an unpredictable sales pipeline.

An inconsistent sales pipeline can wreak havoc on your business in multiple ways:

  • Financial Planning Nightmares: When you can’t predict cash flow, it’s challenging to budget for growth initiatives or even cover operational costs. This unpredictability often forces business owners into a reactive state, dealing with issues as they arise rather than strategically planning for future growth.
  • Poor Resource Management: During ‘feast’ periods, you might scramble to hire additional staff or increase production to meet demand. However, when the ‘famine’ hits, you’re left with idle resources and unnecessary overheads. This not only strains your finances but also demoralises your team, leading to decreased productivity and potentially higher turnover.
  • Impact on Customer Satisfaction: When orders are rushed to meet unexpected demand, the quality of service can suffer, potentially damaging your reputation and customer relationships.

3. You are burning $1000’s on ad spend

Are you pouring money into ads without seeing any real return? This frustrating cycle can feel like burning cash, especially when there’s no clear strategy in place. The key to effective advertising isn’t just about how much you spend, but how wisely you spend it.

Many businesses lose out by not targeting their ads correctly, failing to track conversions, or ignoring the valuable data their campaigns generate. Without these insights, you’re missing opportunities to optimise and refine your marketing efforts.

4. Your ad campaigns are no longer working 

Ever noticed that even the best marketing campaigns can start to lose their spark over time? It’s a common challenge for business owners, who find themselves constantly tweaking and adjusting strategies to keep up with the market’s pulse. This phenomenon, known as campaign fatigue, can be both perplexing and exhausting.

Why do campaigns lose their effectiveness? Primarily, it’s because audiences get used to the messages. When customers see the same ads or promotions repeatedly, they can become desensitised, leading to lower engagement rates. Here’s what typically happens:

  1. Repeated exposure diminishes a campaign’s impact. Once eye-catching ads now barely register a second look.
  2. As competitors adopt similar tactics, the uniqueness of your campaign diminishes, making it difficult to stand out.
  3. Relying on the same strategy without updates or new ideas can make your campaigns grow stale and ineffective.

This ongoing need to innovate and adapt puts significant strain on business owners, especially those who must manage these shifts alongside other responsibilities.

5. You already feel cynical and jaded

The emotional toll of unsuccessful marketing campaigns is more than just disheartening; it can significantly cloud your decision-making and negatively affect your future marketing strategies.

When repeated marketing failures occur, scepticism naturally builds up. This growing distrust can make you hesitant to invest in new campaigns or innovations, potentially causing you to overlook strategies that could be effective. 

Often, this leads to a reduced willingness to take risks, sticking instead to outdated or ineffective techniques. True innovation in marketing usually involves some level of risk, and without a willingness to venture into new areas, breakthrough strategies may remain elusive.

Moreover, the impact of continual disappointments isn’t limited to just you; it spreads to your entire team. Persistent issues with campaign effectiveness can lead to a demotivated workforce and create a pessimistic atmosphere within your company.

6. Your business growth is stuck in a rut 

Ever feel like your business is running on a treadmill, working hard but not really getting anywhere? This sensation is common among business owners who hit a growth ceiling, a point where no matter what they do, their business can’t seem to scale up. This plateau often stems from limitations within the marketing strategy that fail to evolve with the business.

Here’s a breakdown of common issues why many Australian businesses can’t scale: 

Common IssuesDescription
Lack of AdaptabilityWhat worked before doesn’t cut it anymore as the market and customer interests shift.
Resource ConstraintsNot enough hands on deck or dough in the bank to push your marketing further.
Inadequate Data AnalysisYou’re flying blind without solid data, making it tough to tweak and improve your campaigns.
Market SaturationEveryone’s doing the same thing, making it harder for you to stand out.

7. Your marketing team is just chasing fads 

It’s a common trap for business owners looking to make a splash in a crowded market. Chasing every new platform or marketing fad not only leads to strategic disarray but also drains your resources — both time and money.

When you hop onto every new trend:

  • You lose focus on what really works for your business. Instead of developing a deep understanding of strategies that yield results, you spread yourself too thin.
  • Your strategy becomes disjointed. Each new tool or tactic might not integrate well with your overall marketing approach, leading to a patchwork of efforts that don’t quite fit together.
  • Resources get wasted on fleeting trends rather than investing in long-term growth strategies. This not only affects your budget but also shifts your team’s energy away from more sustainable and impactful activities.

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