Synthesia: The Power of Generative AI in Video Production

 What it is / name: 


What it does: 

Synthesia is a cutting-edge video platform that creates professional videos using AI-driven avatars, negating the need for traditional video setups such as camera setups, lighting, or real actors.

Who’s it for:

      • Australian business owners looking for efficient video creation tools

      • Those keen on training videos or instructional guides

      • Businesses who want consistent, flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient video production

      • Companies who want global reach with content in multiple languages or accents

    Who it’s NOT for:

    Content that requires genuine human touch and authenticity such as emotionally-charged content, live interactions, brand storytelling, addressing sensitive topics, and cultural/community engagements.

    Why you’re loving it / why it’s important:

    Synthesia redefines video production by streamlining the process, making it more time-efficient and cost-effective. Given the power of video content in today’s digital age, tools like Synthesia offer a fresh, tech-driven approach, allowing businesses to harness the latest in technology and produce high-quality content that stands out.

    Who’s job does it kill? (disruption)

        • Traditional videographers, actors, and crew members.

        • Professionals in video production setups requiring equipment, location settings, and post-production work.

      When do you use it:

          • When quick video content creation is needed without the constraints of traditional filming.

          • When consistency and control over the final video output are required.

          • When businesses need content in multiple languages or accents without sourcing multilingual actors or voice-over artists.

        Benefits / PROs:


            • Time-efficient video creation process.

            • Cost-effective by eliminating the need for traditional video setups and actors.

            • Offers consistency in voice, tone, and appearance.

            • Provides flexibility for easy tweaks and adjustments.

            • Enables global reach for businesses with content tailored to different regions.

          Risks / CON’s:


              • May overshadow the essence of real human interaction.

              • Professionals in the field may feel their skills becoming less relevant, needing to adapt to a more tech-driven environment.

              • Concerns about the authenticity and emotional depth that real humans bring, especially in specific sectors where human touch is critical.

              • Struggles to replicate genuine human emotion in emotionally-charged content, sensitive topics, or live interactions authentically.

              • May come off as insincere or tone-deaf in certain scenarios.


            Synthesia is a cutting-edge video platform, and its uniqueness lies in its ability to create professional videos powered by AI-driven avatars. Imagine being able to craft a video without the usual need for cameras, lighting, or even real actors. Sounds pretty nice, right?

            Synthesia’s breakthrough lies in its efficiency. Traditional video setups can be time-consuming and, let’s be honest, a bit of a hassle. For our busy Australian business owners who are always on the lookout for tools to stay ahead, Synthesia offers a splendid solution. It streamlines the video-making process, ensuring you can get your message out there efficiently.

            Video content has always been a powerful medium. It resonates with audiences and offers a dynamic way to communicate a brand’s message. With the digital age surging forward, tools like Synthesia are set to redefine how we approach video creation. It’s not just about cutting down on production time or costs; it’s about harnessing the latest in technology to deliver high-quality content that stands out.

            How Synthesia is Reshaping Video Production

            Now, what’s got everyone talking is how Synthesia taps into this technology to reshape video production. Instead of the traditional method of filming where you’d need equipment, actors, and a whole lot of prep time, Synthesia harnesses the capabilities of generative AI to produce ‘talking head’ videos. These aren’t just any videos; they’re crafted with AI avatars that, believe it or not, bear an uncanny resemblance to real humans.

            For the Aussie business owners out there, this is a game-changer. Think about it: being able to produce high-quality video content without the constraints of location, equipment, or even scheduling actors. It’s a dream for those wanting to whip up content quickly, especially if you’re keen on training videos or instructional guides.

            But how does it all work? Synthesia uses real actors as a base. These actors are recorded, and their movements and speech patterns are analysed by the AI. From this data, the AI creates avatars that can then be used to generate videos. Want an avatar with an Australian accent? Or perhaps one with a specific tone or style? The choice is yours.

            While it might not replace every type of video out there, its potential in the business world is hard to ignore. For the forward-thinking Aussie business folk, it’s an exciting time to explore what AI can bring to the table. 

            Business Hack: Combine ChatGPT and Synthesia

            ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model that is a game-changer for many businesses, helping them generate written content, answer questions, and much more. Now, imagine combining the content prowess of ChatGPT with the video magic of Synthesia. Sounds like a dream team, doesn’t it?

            How It Works


                1. Use ChatGPT to write a script in seconds: Begin by feeding ChatGPT a topic or prompt. With its vast knowledge, it generates quality, coherent video scripts that you can use for Synthesia. 


                  1. Feed the AI-generated script to Synthesia: Once you’ve got your script ready, pop it into Synthesia. Choose an avatar that suits your brand’s persona or the content’s mood, decide on the voice, and let Synthesia work its magic.


                    1. Final Output: Voilà! In no time, you’ve got a professional video with your AI avatar articulating the content generated by ChatGPT.

                  Advantages for Aussie Businesses


                      • Time-Efficient: The integration streamlines content creation, meaning you can go from an idea to a video in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take.


                        • Cost-Effective: Save dollars on hiring writers, actors, and videographers. This combo does the heavy lifting without breaking the bank.


                          • Consistency: With AI, you get a consistent voice, tone, and appearance in every video, ensuring brand uniformity.


                            • Flexibility: Fancy changing the script or trying out a new avatar? Easy as. You can tweak, test, and tinker until you’re satisfied with the result.

                          Traditional Videography vs. Synthesia

                          For decades, traditional videography has been the backbone of many sectors, especially in training and educational content. Real human faces, genuine expressions, and authentic settings gave these videos their essence. So, where does Synthesia fit in, and why might it pose a challenge?

                          Cost and Time

                          Traditional shoots involve actors, crew, equipment, locations, and post-production work which are all costly and time-inefficient. Synthesia cuts out many of these steps, offering a quicker and often cheaper alternative.

                          Consistency and Control

                          With Synthesia, you have more control over the final output. Want to change a line or switch an avatar? No dramas. Traditional videography might require reshoots or edits that can be time-consuming.

                          Global Reach

                          In our interconnected world, businesses in Australia might need content in multiple languages or accents. Synthesia makes this a breeze without needing multilingual actors or voice-over artists.

                          Challenges for Traditional Videographers


                              • Job Security: With AI-driven platforms like Synthesia taking the centre stage, there’s a looming fear about job prospects for videographers, actors, and crew. The personal touch, the essence of real human interaction, could be overshadowed.


                                • Skill Relevancy: If the trend leans heavily towards AI-powered video creation, videographers might need to upskill, adapting to a tech-driven environment. It’s a classic tale of technology pushing professionals to evolve.


                                  • Quality Concerns: While Synthesia is impressive, there might be concerns about the authenticity and emotional depth that real humans bring to training and educational videos. Can AI truly replicate the nuances of human emotion and connection?

                                While Synthesia offers a modern twist to video creation, it’s essential to strike a balance. The emotional pull of traditionally shot videos still holds value, especially in fields where human touch matters. 

                                The Limitations of Synthesia: When Authenticity Matters

                                While Synthesia is redefining the landscape of video production, there are moments when genuine human touch and authenticity take centre stage. Let’s unpack those scenarios.

                                Emotionally-Charged Content

                                When you’re sharing a heartfelt story or a personal experience, nothing beats the nuances of human emotion. The subtle quiver in a voice or the sparkle of tears in someone’s eyes – these are things that AI, no matter how advanced, struggles to replicate authentically.

                                Live Interactions

                                Think Q&A sessions, live webinars, or spontaneous interviews. The dynamism and unpredictability of these situations demand a human’s adaptability and real-time reactions, something Synthesia can’t do.

                                Trust and Credibility

                                In sectors like healthcare or financial advising, the trustworthiness that comes from a real expert speaking can be pivotal. While Synthesia can convey information, the assurance from seeing a known professional can’t be simulated.

                                Brand Storytelling

                                Every brand has a unique tale, often intertwined with its founders or core team. Sharing this journey through genuine testimonials or behind-the-scenes glimpses provides an authenticity that resonates deeply with audiences.

                                Sensitive Topics

                                Addressing issues like mental health, community crises, or personal challenges demand a genuine touch. In these situations, a synthesised avatar might come off as insincere.

                                Cultural and Community Engagements

                                For businesses connecting with local communities or tapping into cultural nuances, genuine representation is vital. This ensures that the content is respectful, understood, and appreciated in its true essence.

                                While Synthesia has its limitations, it’s essential to recognise its potential as a complementary tool. For instance, while a real CEO might address the company’s vision, Synthesia can assist in creating training modules or informational content. It’s all about striking the right balance between efficiency and authenticity.

                                Harnessing Synthesia: A Game-Changer for WebBuzz Partners

                                With the integration of tools like Synthesia, WebBuzz is revolutionising the content creation game for our clients. 

                                We help Aussie businesses craft bespoke video content that speaks directly to their audience. With Synthesia’s capabilities, we ensure that campaigns can be deployed, adapted, and optimised at lightning speed. 

                                For Australian businesses keen to elevate their digital presence, partnering with WebBuzz offers distinct advantages:


                                    • Stay Ahead of the Curve: With WebBuzz’s finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, businesses can always stay ahead in the digital race.


                                      • Tailored Solutions: Every business is unique, and WebBuzz gets that. Their strategies, amplified by tools like Synthesia, are always tailor-made.


                                        • Authentic Engagement: WebBuzz ensures that while technology amplifies the message, the heart and soul of Aussie businesses shine through, leading to genuine audience engagement.

                                      If you want to use Synthesia in your content creation or business systems and you don’t know where to start, our digital transformation experts can help you. 

                                      Contact us today or call us on 1300 41 00 81.

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