Mobile Websites


Nearly 50 per cent of all web search activity in Australia now occurs on smartphones and mobile devices.

Why is this important? 

Internet search on a mobile device is vastly different from traditional desktop search. Smartphone search favours those businesses with a special site optimised for smaller screens, yet most existing websites are set for desktop search only. 

This is a significant risk for businesses who have failed to update. 

On a phone or tablet, users will quickly ‘bounce off’ your clunky, hard-to-read site and navigate away to a competitor who does have with a mobile site. 

Increasingly, you will lose traffic and customers without a mobile site.

WebBuzz can help. All of the websites we create are optimised for mobile as a standard feature, and we have a range of solutions to offer if your existing site needs an upgrade.  

See our WebBuild PRO product, or request a custom job below.

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