Website Traffic Conversion

Building a website that attracts visitors is the first step.

Equally important is the process of converting that traffic into leads. 'Website traffic conversion' is the process of maximising the number of site visitors to complete a desired behaviour or event.

On eCommerce sites for instance, the goal is to convert traffic to customers who purchase goods for sale.

However, for a small service-based business the objective might be for visitors to complete an online form that submits personal details to the business owner as a 'lead'.

Either way, increasing the conversion rate can massively improve sales without any increase in web traffic.

Web conversion is more of a science than an art, although empathy and gut instinct are important. Site data analysis will reveal user behaviour which can suggest design changes to improve retention, average time on site, and conversion. At WebBuzz we use a range of tools to constantly monitor, measure & improve conversion for our clients: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Data analysis
  • A/B testing
A website with plenty of traffic but low conversion, is a wasted opportunity. Is your website leaking leads, sales and revenue? Do something about it!

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