Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends For Australia In 2015

January 30, 2015 1 Comment


With 50% of companies set to increase their marketing budget in 2015, the competition is expected to get intense this year. All businesses regardless of size need to be vigilant in protecting their brand as competitors tailor their business strategy for growth, as well as for change. What does it take to be on top of the ‘internet marketing game’ in your industry? How do you keep growing your online enquiry and lead funnel via your website and other channels?

Here at Webbuzz we’ve scoured our favourite tech blogs to arrive at what we think is a pretty definitive list of top online marketing trends for Australia in 2015. As you can see from the amazing Go Pro Youtube above, we think video is a big part of the answer. And while few businesses or products inherently do such exciting stuff, it is possible to create compelling video regardless of what you do. We just need to get creative. Enjoy!

  1. Mobile optimization steps up to a whole new level. People today spend more and more time with their mobile phones than their computer. They use a smartphone all day and it’s practically the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they touch before they go to sleep. In effect, marketers are doing their best to penetrate the mobile scene by spending in various mobile campaigns and ads. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you are losing traffic & leads.
  2. Bigger and better content marketing. High quality and more relevant content will be the key to more leads. A good content strategy is what separates the winners from the losers in online community. Companies are expected to spend more time and money in creating more relevant content that connects to their consumers.
  3. Companies to spend more on social media ads. Since Facebook’s restriction in the types of posts users see on their feeds (via what used to be called  ‘Edgerank’ algorithm change), a greater need for paid advertising will hit most companies who want to maintain sales and engagements via social media.
  4. More videos preferred. The success of video ad campaigns by brands like Dove and GoPro (the incredible video above)is undeniable. A video becomes viral when people can relate to its content and somehow feel connected. This year, the online marketing community is expected to be more drawn to videos. The good news is the cost of video production has plummeted. Webbuzz can now offer full corporate video production from just $2,000!
  5. Increased used of visual stories. The reason why Instagram became such a hit is because pictures tell us more than words alone. Marketers will realise the value of going visual with their campaigns and we can expect more of visual stories flooding our newsfeeds in the months to come.
  6. From globalisation to personalisation. Consumer targeting will be more dominant this year. Using algorithms to target preferred customers will be a marketers’ greatest tool.
  7. Marketing memes. Because you know, a little bit of humor doesn’t hurt. And people love and enjoy sharing it too!
  8. Positive marketing. People want to get inspired everyday.  Whether it’s a picture, video, or a quotation, people love to see positive motivations to keep them going in their daily lives.
  9. Ads that ‘haunt’ customers will have increased effectiveness. We all have experienced this. You know, you checked out a product or service online and ever since ads for that brand keeps appearing in your Facebook or as banners in different sites you visit. Genius, isn’t it? Ad retargeting will become a minimum requirement to compete as more companies take up this advantage.
  10. Real-time marketing. People follow your brand for real-time updates, promos, or discounts. This excites people more than you can imagine and increases your social media relevance.

So there you have it. A ‘down and dirty’ list of our predictions for the top 10 digital marketing trends for Australia in 2015. Have we missed any? Leave a comment!

Cheers, Darren