Ben Carew

July 21, 2015

Growth Marketing & Design Director

Ben is an experienced, highly-skilled web developer entrepreneur with an obsession for design & conversion.

Ben graduated from UWS in 1997 with Bachelor of Communication and a few years later founded Illegal Design, a boutique Sydney-based graphic design and web development business. Ben’s work has attracted prominent clients from government, private enterprise and academia and Illegal continues to work with select clients to this day.

Ben later completed post-graduate studies in design at the University of Technology, and in 2012 he co-founded with Darren Moffatt. This award-winning social networking site challenged Ben to develop new capabilities in user experience (UX) and conversion which are now central to the success WebBuzz clients enjoy.

In recent years Ben’s journey has led him to become a passionate advocate for ‘growth-hacking’, the online movement that seeks to build web traffic and conversion through innovative online strategies. He is a fan of leading exponents such as Andrew Chen, Sean Ellis, and Neil Patel and is constantly sourcing the latest new ideas & techniques from around the globe.

As head of production, Ben manages the international of team coders, designers and data specialists who work to create the WebBuzz magic for clients.


“We may seem like nice guys, but don’t let the cardigans fool you. We’re actually internet warriors who fight for our clients everyday. We use web design as a weapon to win online!”