Say Hello to Webbuzz! Australia’s first online growth agency.

April 21, 2014 0 Comments

It’s funny how things turn out.

One way or another my co-founder Ben and I have been building websites and crafting online strategies for years now. Over that time we developed our own system of web development and internet marketing that we used to give our own projects a real competitive advantage. It’s kind of like a ‘special sauce’ that we reserved for only in-house projects. Up til now it’s been just our little secret.

But not anymore.

Late last year an opportunity arose to test this approach on another business. The results were amazing; even we were a bit surprised by how fast we were able to generate leads and sales for them. Word spread. Then another organisation asked us to do it for them too. And then another….and before we knew it a new venture emerged.

Say Hello to Webbuzz! Australia’s first online growth agency.

Ben and I had no plans to start a business like this, but it seems the universe had other ideas. We have developed some pretty unique expertise, and Webbuzz is a platform for us to share this with like-minded business owners who to grow via the internet.

This is just the start of our journey, and we’re curious to see where it takes us. If you’re a business owner who needs help, don’t be shy – let’s have a chat & see if we can do some great stuff together.

in the meantime we’ll be using this blog to post tips and insights that hopefully you’ll find useful. We’ll also regularly update on our own progress and what this means for our clients.

Cheers, Darren