Logo and Brand Identity

Why do corporations spend huge amounts on 'brand consultants'? Because brand identity and market perception are key drivers of customer acquisition, loyalty and ultimately, profits.

It's no different for SME's. Your brand is the 'face' of your business. It's the first thing people see, and it needs to be right if you're to beat competitors & win customers. A good logo is part of this, but brand identity also includes:

  • Colours
  • Design styles and font
  • Positioning statement
  • Mission & Values 

In the online world, niche brands targeted to specific customer groups are the most powerful.

Behavioural research confirms that people use Google to search for specific things. By adapting your current identity or developing a new 'sub-brand' that's more relevant to how people actually search for what you sell, your business can better connect with prospects and improve lead conversion to sale.

In this way, small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) can even compete effectively with big corporations. 

Common elements of a good brand:

  1. Memorable, catchy name
  2. Descriptive OR evocative of the product/service sold
  3. Targeted for the profile customer
  4. Includes key search terms for your product or service
  5. Powerful logo that visually conveys the brand identity 

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Webbuzz tips

A common mistake is for small business people to create brand based on the needs and wants of the founder rather than the customer. Strip all ego from your brand development – your focus should be solely on connecting with your target customers.