What is a ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’?


Digital Marketing Strategy (or ‘Marketing 2.0’) draws on consumer behaviour research, website analytics, big data, and creative insight to determine the most effective way to achieve branding or sales objectives for the online component of marketing campaigns.

For example a web marketing services Strategy will typically consider and recommend which online channels are best for reaching the Sydney target market, and the content required to stimulate the desired action or behaviour.


A plan to achieve your marketing or sales objectives, online. It’s just a like the strategy behind any marketing campaign, but with the virtue of being wholly reportable and measurable – instantly!

How does Digital Strategy work?

Although every digital marketing stratgey is unique, the approach Webbuzz uses to develop different strategies is often remarkably similar: listen to the needs of the client, research the market, and think strategically about how to achieve the desired business objectives. As an agency, over the years we've chalked up a good deal of experience working in many Australian industries. We know how good digital strategy works.

The Webbuzz approach to digital marketing strategy is:

  • Targeted to your customer
  • Driven by your business objectives
  • Achievable within budget
  • Measurable
  • Scalable

Why do you need an online marketing strategy?

A good strategy radically improves your chances of success online. The internet is now an extremely cluttered medium; web content is ubiquitous. But it's also where your customers can be found in huge numbers.

How, and why, will prospects:

  • find your website?
  • engage with your social media?
  • open your email marketing?
  • sign up for your offer?
  • evangelise for your brand?
  • convert to a sale?

And why should they choose your business over hundreds or even thousands of competitors?

A good digital strategy will reveal the answers.

Webbuzz specialises in digital strategy reporting for medium and large enterprises.

When do you need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you are looking for:

To Get More Web Traffic

‘Know your customer’ is the first rule of any internet marketing campaign. Getting more web traffic is great, but customer profiling ensures you get the right type of traffic.

To Convert More Leads

Digital marketing is about understanding where targets are online and persuading them to take action. A good digital strategy will convert more website traffic into leads, more often, for your business.

To Grow Sales & Brand Awareness

If you’re launching a new product, service, or even just a different campaign to the same target market, a digital strategy is the plan you need to grow sales and build buzz around your brand.