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Digital Agency Web Design: Introducing The New Webbuzz Website

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After re-imagining the WebBuzz brand and logo design earlier in the year, our digital marketing agency in Australia has been busy (in between more important client work!) on a new company website.

I’m excited to finally announce that our new website design is live!

The overhaul is long overdue. These days, design aesthetics and advances in website ‘user experience’ (UX) move so fast that business owners really need to update or refresh their website design every two years or so.

We published the original website over four years ago, and with all our attention focused on our digital marketing work, we made the same mistake we see with new clients all the time – we let our own website get tired and outdated!

The team resolved to approach this project in the same way we treat our client projects. It was crucial for us to follow a particular creative process:

  1. Profile the target customer(s)
  2. Develop a web design to appeal to that customer
  3. Copywriting and creative content – to match the needs of target customers
  4. Optimise ‘conversion funnels’ for best user experience and maximum lead generation

It was also important to clarify our core online marketing goals. Re-designing a business website is a work-intensive process, so after a series of meetings and creative sessions, we came up with the following objectives:

Web Design that reflects ‘brand values’

Over the years of working with different clients across a wide range of industries, our own digital agency brand has organically developed some core values: professional / fun / tech-savvy/ results-driven.

In developing a new website, we wanted these values to be conveyed in the design so that we are more likely to attract our ideal client: business owners and managers who value the power of creativity as a ‘profit multiplier’, and who want to exploit the latest online marketing trends and techniques to grow.

Develop an online platform for marketing success

While we’ve re-designed our website, a core purpose remains the same: it’s still a platform where people can access useful content about online marketing solutions for their business needs. But we have significantly improved the user experience with:

  • More dynamic on-page functionality
  • Immersive design, with interactive page features
  • New and more compelling copy

It’s important to us that business owners, managers, and clients can learn more about different digital marketing strategies. The site includes substantial content on how to use SEO to target local clients, which social media channels to choose for your brand, how to roll-out cost-effective pay per click advertising, and more.

Optimise the website for better conversion

WebBuzz specialises in developing websites (and landing pages) that are designed to attract the right type of web traffic, and convert them into actual customers. Like any other client project, we optimised our new website for:

  • more online traffic
  • longer average ‘time on site’ metrics
  • higher conversion rates

We are proud of our work with our partners in building websites that are smashing their competition with more leads and more revenue.

New digital marketing services

After years of successful digital agency work with different clients, we have added more services to help our clients reach new heights:

Online Video Marketing

We believe that online video content is the immediate future of online marketing. This year, it’s estimated that the 80% of the content consumed by online users will be video format. And, 2020 is more likely that will keep rising to more than 85%! (Google Insights, 2017). As a proactive response, WebBuzz has assembled an international team of writers, designers, and animators who can produce your video at very affordable cost.

Membership Website Development

As an digital marketing agency in Sydney, Webbuzz has developed and helped grow many online business models for clients. ‘Membership websites’ are often the most obvious solution for traditional ‘offline’ businesses who want to create a ‘virtual’ offer. It can provide not only additional web traffic but a supplementary source of recurring revenue for many service-based businesses.

Best, Anna

Ben Carew

Ben Carew

Ben is the Director of SEO Services & Analytics at Webbuzz. He started in graphic design and web development in 1999 and has ridden many of technology's waves since then. He co-founded social media site Housenet in 2013 and began moving into digital marketing & SEO from his experiences growing this tech start up. Ben co-founded agency Webbuzz with former band mate Darren in 2014.

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