Copy Writing

Maybe you already believe in the power of words? To move. Inspire. And persuade. Words that tell your story to reach out and touch your target audience, in the most intimate way… 

To bring them in, close, and make them your customers. 

For life.

Yes, good copy writing is a crucial but hugely under-rated aspect of online marketing. Even with the explosion of video and audio content, the internet is still largely a text-based medium. Words matter. The quality of your copy is an important driver of website performance:

  • Online credibility
  • Bounce rate
  • Average user time on site
  • Lead conversion

Perhaps more importantly, it’s a key signal for your Google rank with the following elements contributing to how your site performs in search engine results:

  • Spelling & grammar
  • Originality
  • Length of article
  • Page titles

WebBuzz has assembled a team of experienced writers who can produce high-quality, original copy for your site, optimised for SEO. See our eContent King product, or enquire for a custom job below.

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andrew-tynan-circle"After working with Webbuzz, I‘m a total convert to the power of online marketing. We now have a website that’s an exciting new sales channel for our business. In just a few months it’s attracted hundreds of leads for our database, and is already adding to sales and revenue."
Andrew Tynan – Brisbane Aged Care Financial Advisers